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Lioness – F64 (Freestyle) (Courtesy of SB.TV)

Posted in Freestyle, Grime, S.K Vibemaker, Sean Klarke Vibemaker, Sean Klarke Vibemakers, SK Vibemakers, UK Grime, UK Rap, Video content with tags , , , , , , on February 14, 2010 by skvibemakers

Dont understand why they say that Im like… /
So and So when im no common Joe I /
Dont wanna know why U think shes better /
Yet Id like 2 C your face when-a /
mixtape drops or an album comes /
you’ll put me on top when I’ve not mad one.. /
Baby I aint made shit… /
But im still holding the title sick…

In the words of Coldsteps “SAY NO MORE”….

Look out for that ‘Loc Ness Monster mixtape’ coming very soon