Scorcher – Concrete jungle (The Album)

After 4 mixtapes since 2006… The cold blooded/Movement MC releases a much anticipated debut album… After listening over the album a few times the following things come to my mind: Are there too many tracks? Is the album a little in-balanced? Is there enough Grime?

The album begins with the gritty ‘Dark Knight’: “I feel like Batman on the roof, a dark Knight so Robin / hard times, cold Shopping / Star 9… You’s are jokers…” – Verdict – Solid intro… As we get into the meat of the album I wonder weather Scorcher is selling me short as I know what he is capable of… To be honest what was I expecting?”… I just feel like Scorcher is more on form when he demonstrates rapid fire skill evident on the second verse of the Rapid produced ‘We don’t care’: “I handle My B.I, Strapped like G.I / Joe wanna blow, then men gonna D.I / My darg got nicked with a strap like T.I / Look, He just sent me a V.O, He got caught with a big ting like Magnum P.I / In the Spartan gang mans lee-I, I got a darg with a skank when you-see-I-Be / I don’t chat with the C.I.D / I save that for when-I-see-my brief…”

I Would liked to have heard more of the Scorcher we hear on ‘Turbulence’… A song about struggles of family life: missing his daughters birth and refraining from hitting his babymother and the dreaded relationship with the mother in law…

On the whole I feel like this is a release from an artist who is capable of more…

Tracks to Download: I Know, Lights on, Dark Knight, We don’t care, She don’t know my name and Turbulence…

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