50 Cent – Before I self destruct (The album)

50 Cent - BISD (Album Cover)

Initially due for a 2008 release… The album is finally out… Officially!!… Being a bit of a cynic, maybe the delay was a Lil Wayne tactic, where The Carter 3 was delayed so much in similar fashion that by the time it was finally released people were so gagging for it that Weezy clocked 1 million scans in the first week… Unbelievable in the current state of the music industry… Somehow, I don’t think fiddy is going to be received in a similar fashion…

The promo that has gone into this album has been massive… From the Pimpin Curly episodes, to the hood videos, to the ever so hard working 50 popping up @ every radio show in the states, to the beef with Rick Ross & the potenital beef with Jay-Z, to the usual interscope promo etc… Fiddy has been very visible since his last release in 2007 ‘Curtis’… But when it comes down to what really matters… Rapping… Its seems to lack that bite… We cant expect 50 to make ‘Power of the doller’ (2000) and ‘Get rich or die trying’ (2003) everytime, cos like Jigga said ‘N***as want my old shit, buy my old album’… But is it too much to expect a little less lazy rhyming… Maybe this is asking too much for someone who is worth a reported $440 million and maybe lost that MC hunger… All in all is fiddy still taken serious as a rapper?… Or seen more as a celebrity?… The Same syndrome suffered by Snoop?… Which ever one it is, I still look forward to a 50 Cent release… If anything… Im more entertained by his character than thrilled by his lyrics… So the adittional feature length movie that comes part of the album is a welcome bonus for me…

Tracks to download: Death to my enemies, So disrespectful, Psycho, Crimewave and Stretch…


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